Finishing a round at a later time??

Posted about 4 years ago by Dan Horrigan

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Dan Horrigan

A few times I had to stop a few holes short of finishing a round. No way to complete it at a later time. I was hoping this could be done in an upcoming update?! And ALSO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us mark where the flag is for ALL holes on a course and SAVE THEM for every round after until changed again. This would be of GREAT help to me!! Much time from editing rounds and or always having to mark flag position. If these two things were done I would be set and could play without having to edit much especially never having to actually pull my phone out. It would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted almost 4 years ago Admin

Hi Dan. We hear you loud and clear about flag positions. We have this on our list of feature updates, though I don't have a timeline yet. You can always edit your round later, even after you "finish round" using your playing history. Is that what you mean or are you referring to something else? - Cindy

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Dan Horrigan posted almost 4 years ago

Hi again Cindy. TY for the flag update once its finally out. I play @ a 9 hole course quite a bit but sometimes dont have enough time to finish an exact 9 or 18 holes. I usually have to check every finished round anyways because sometimes the shots are off or I need to change lies etc.. I would much rather be able to actually finish a round using tags like normal. Instead I have to edit and pick clubs lies and spots on the map. I just thoight maybe it was possible to actually finish a 9 or 18 holes the way I tracked with tags (easiest way) for the holes I did complete. Not that big a deal but the flag placement IS lol.. any idea if we will be able to mark the placement like when changing the layout for tee spots etc? Or will we have to do it the usual way still? I did make a tag just for marking flags. Saves time but obviously I'd much rather change them all once they've been moved again. Sometimes after marking flag spots my shots seem to get messed up and some even backwards. Then the only way I could get the stats right I would be marking the spots going towards tee.. hard to explain ughh I got the TAGS in the mail yesterday too so thanks for all of your help. I appreciate it. Hope the update comes sooner rather than later ;)

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