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Green in regulation


Had my first round using premium on saturday, I was appalling. 

My round has me down as 100% GIR, although for example I was on the green in 4 shots on a par 4, im a 21 handicapper - does the GIR take this into account? 

Same here, I managed a mere 2 greens in reg today, yet the stats show 100% GIR. Looking back at my playing history it now shows every round at 100% GIR. I wish!!

Hello Craig and Geoffrey - UPDATE: This is a bug that's being fixed in 15.13.2,. It's currently in a staged roll out, so please update as soon as it's available. Unless you want the bragging rights of 100% GIR. :) 

I'm going to look into this and get back to you. Thanks for your posts! - Cindy 

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