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Odd club recommendations today!

I recently upgraded to premium and in the few rounds I had played since, the club recommendation seemed pretty good. Most of the time they matched what I would have selected and when they didn't there were mitigating factors like strong winds, trees to get over, flag positioning etc. 

Today was odd. Most of the time the recommended club was somewhat "less" than I would have chosen for the distance. There was a "plays like" comment on the screen, but there wasn't enough difference to suggest what was suggested. It is difficult to remember specific instances as i try not to delay shots etc in making notes about issues. However for example I am fairly sure at one point I was 120 yds from the green and was suggested a strong Gap Wedge (my average with that club is 84)

Could I have messed up a setting without noticing? Is there some other reason why the recommended club could be so different from what I expected? 

If the recommended club for a shot were saved with the shot data, then it would be much easier to go back to try to understand what might have been the actual situation.. 

Ok Cindy - I did what you asked so there is an error report in from the game. To clarify further, I was able to take some screen shots during play. I don't type fast on the phone but a screen shot does not need any typing!

The issue is not whether the "plays like" adjustment is accurate. I think the ones I looked at made sense due to altitude differences etc. The problem is that the average for the suggested club is substantially different from either of the distances. The attached zip has three distances and plays-like distances with recommended club. There is also a shot of one of the "explanations' of why the "plays like" is different, but the recommended club is wildly different from what I would use. Also included is my club averages screen shot

e,g, Actual 96; plays like 93 recommended "strong SW". My average SW distance is 68. If it had said "strong GW" I might have understood, but as my PW average is 97, I would have expected possibly a "soft PW"

I hope that this helps get back to a useful club recommendation for me. As I mostly play the same couple of course, I tend to know what to use, but when travelling the guidance was useful the couple of times before "plays like" was introduced. Is there a way to turn just that "plays like" feature off? 


Hi Rick - I created a support ticket, including the info you provided here. This way our development team can take a closer look and get back to you. They are the experts when it comes to the calculations. Someone will email you soon. - Cindy

Hello Golf Pad , I had the same problem as Rick on Play Like club suggestions after the upgrade. Before the upgrade, the club suggestions was pretty accurate. It's almost two clubs down for the same distance I usually play with.

Ellick - GolfPad have emailed me that they have tracked the problem and will be rolling out an update later this week. 

Hello all! You should have the update available in the Google Play store now! Check it out and let us know if you still see any anomalies. Thanks for your patience while we sorted this out. - Cindy

Thanks Cindy. Mine has updated since my round today. I will check on Friday weather permitting play

Hi Rick - we just released a much anticipated update to our PLAYS LIKE feature, so that may be causing the change. He're's more info about the new feature. 

If you notice that the data does not look correct, please tap 'Feedback' in the detail screen and send us the details. Most the info is pre-loaded, so this should only take a second and now slow down your play. We are constantly working on tuning the algorithms and improving the accuracy.   Thanks for reaching out! - Cindy

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