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Will Premium version pick up historic rounds when calculating Handicap?

I see that WHS calculations are part of the Premium package. If I upgrade to Premium will previous round scores be picked up in the calculations? 

If not, is there some other way to get "history" added in?  

Great question, Rick! Yes, your historical Golf Pad rounds will be used in any handicap calculations.  Here's more info about WHS in Golf Pad. - Cindy

Thanks Cindy.  Net double bogey" is too complex for my old brain to do. I can program it but then I would have to enter my scores into the program! Premium looks like the way for me to go even with expensive US$ vs CAD$  it seems a better deal for me as a casual player than Golf Canada membership despite its additional insurance and ticket discounts. 



Another thought in the same vein ... could you add Golf Canada to your list of supported countries? We are close neighbours, even if we spell words differently :)

Rick - thanks for your feedback. I'm glad you see the value in our Premium features. I'll see what I can find out about Golf Canada. We don't mind your spelling. :) LOL - Cindy

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