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Statistics question - Courses

On the iPhone, when looking at Statistics...Course...Your Course....then each hole, what is the "driving" section supposed to be capturing? Is it tee shot data? as there is an "approach" section and a "short game and putting" section. Each hole for me, after two rounds, shows a Club choice under driving but every hole shows 50% even though I used the same club off the tee both rounds. Also, (I created a support ticket for this) the average distance shown in the driving section  is off. One example is I had on one hole drives of 261 and 242 yards but the average shown is 222 yards.

Thanks for your question, Phil. You are correct. Driving is about tee shots. We are looking into the distance mismatch and will follow up on email once we know more. - Cindy

Just to clarify:  The Club Choice stat percentage keeps going down with the number of rounds played even though the same club is used off the tee. For example, having used driver off the tee very time on Hole 1 at my course club choice now shows 17% after 6 rounds.

Hi Phil - I'm asking our team to take a look at this. I'll be in touch as soon as I have more info. - Cindy

fixed in ver 13.14, now is on review in AppStore, will be available in few days

Terrific! Appreciate the support!

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