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Lie Type When Using Tags

When using the Tags to track shots, does the lie type, fairway, rough, etc. automatically get selected based on the actual location of the shot on the course, or do you have to manually add that as you play each hole or when you edit the round after it is over?

Hi Phil - thanks for asking about how to select lie type when using Golf Pad GPS to track your shots. For now, you'll need to set the lie type as you play or when you edit the round. Auto-detecting lie type is on our roadmap for future development.  Here are more details about selecting lie types. - Cindy 

Cindy, doesn't that kind of defeat the whole purpose of the 'tap and go' thing with the tags? If you have to get your phone out to manually put your lie in, then you might as well just use your phone and not have the tags in the first place.

You don't! Cindy must have been mistaken. Granted, I've only played two rounds with the Tags but it does track the lie automatically.

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Hi again. To clarify, Golf Pad does auto-detect fairway vs left/right rough, but not sand or recovery. Thanks! - Cindy

Thanks for the clarification!

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