Temperature and Humidity - Wind?

Posted about 4 years ago by Phil Michel

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Phil Michel

Club recommendations supposedly take into account temperature and humidity. Where does that information come from and is wind included?

A curious "newbie" would like to know!

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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted about 4 years ago Admin

Phil, yes, you are right. Golf Pad provides intelligent club selection advice, based on your playing history, distance, elevation change to target, current weather conditions and altitude, sometimes referred to as "plays like". The weather information comes from Dark Sky. Wind is not currently included, though we plan to add it this summer. 

Just tap the recommended club on your screen and you will see the 'plays like' summary.  

You can find this feature in Preferences -> Club recommendations. If you are a new user, this is also where you can set typical club-lengths while the app gathers more playing history for you. 

The true distance is the actual distance adjusted for temperature, elevation changes, humidity and altitude. It shows how far the shot would be at 70°F, no elevation change and with low humidity. It's a way to give users an accurate representation of how they hit the ball on every shot regardless of the outside conditions. 

The information comes from many sources and utlizes an advanced AI algorithm and data from several sources.

Here is more information on the topic.

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Phil Michel posted about 4 years ago

Thanks! Good to know what is and isn't included! So at this point I will have to take wind into consideration on my own, as I would do without the benefit of your app. Only now I have the benefit of knowing a true starting point ("plays like" - based on all the factors that ARE included) to which I now add my own estimation of the impact of the wind. Until wind is added you can't beat that!

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