Big Samsung smartwatch update!

Golf Pad is now even more useful on Samsung smartwatches! Here's a few things we just added:

- Improved display for GPS distances and current hole number and score, making it easier to see outdoors.

- Additional information like elevation change to target, distances to layup points, current shot tracking distance.

- Mark flag right on the watch or use 'putt out' option to complete a hole score without adding individual shots.

- Use one of three modes for keeping score on the watch: total score entry, track shot location, or track shots location and clubs. Select your preferred mode in Golf Pad settings on the phone.

Swipe left or right to change hole. Swipe up or down or use bezel to show the extra information. Tap screen to keep score. The new features are available on watches running Tizen 4 OS (Gear S3 or newer). Download the latest Golf Pad watch app: version 5.4.4 or later is required.

Version 15.10 of the phone app is required to enable some of these features like layup points. 

We'd love to hear what you think! If you run into issues or have questions, please reach out.

Hi Cindy, I've recently come on board with golfpad and am using a Samsung Gear S3 - first off : love it. Your app is great and as a beginner really helps me focus on my game without having to worry about keeping score or track of which club to use. The data and analysis is really interesting and I'm sure will help my game improve!! My comments are.. 1. Where can I find update/ release notes? My app has just told me it's updated, but I don't know what's changed? 2. Are there any battery optimisations on the roadmap? I've performed some testing on my watch and battery drain is as per manufacturers spec, but I used around 70% charge during a 4 hour round in standalone mode. It *has* to be GPS(?), so maybe the app could disable GPS if consistent movement (i.e moving between shots) is detected?

Hi Reggie - Yes, you can add a penalty from the watch.  This article has some screenshots about the watch function that may help. - Cindy

I really like the watch app but I wish I knew what all the buttons mean.  Also can you put a penalty stroke on the watch or do you have to use the phone?

Chris Treece - I created a support ticket for you. We released an update on the 6th, so it may be related to that. We will email you to troubleshoot. - Cindy

I get this and other issues....ticket submitted

Hi Chris - which version of the Golf Pad app and watch app are you using? - Cindy

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Hello, Don't know if anyone else is having this problem but I run the app in standalone mode and in airplane mode to get accurate GPS but it now seems to be frequently exiting the app on the watch and I don't know why? It will then regularly freeze or crash the watch when trying to reload the app. Any help much appreciated as in general it works really well. Thanks, Chris

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Tobybarker - I will email you directly. - Cindy

I need to send you a video of the issues I'm having but the file is too large to add to a new ticket. Where should I send it to please?

To all who've chimed in with recent feedback and issues - we have our development team looking into this. It may be a bug in the recent update. We'll work to get it resolved as soon as possible. Please download the latest update when it's available. Thanks again for letting us know about what you are seeing. - Cindy

Thanks for your feedback. We have a lot of information on how to successfully use the Samsung watch in our portal. Here is an extensive list of troubleshooting steps, including links to other relevant information. It covers everything from GPS to battery tips, standalone to connected modes. In addition, you can open a support ticket and we will help you one on one. We have a dedicated team of support agents to help any customers who may be having trouble as they get started with the watch app. - Cindy

Nope, it all lasted 4 holes before the phone app just stopped and no amount of cajoling would make the watch then partner with the app again. I'm out of here. Shame, because I like the app when it works

I also cant get watch standalone mode to work at all. Hope this all helps!

Further to my last comment, just having the apps running here on the desk (not on the course): the phone's screen keeps going to its locked (black, blank) screen the it comes back on immediately back to the golf pad app. Is Golf Pad trying to keep the phone screen on? seems like a waste of battery, if it is.

Anyway, I picked up the phone, and tried to enter the score for the hole....instead of taking me to the strokes entry screen it took me to the lock screen (the black one with the scores, the fingerprint and the ability to slide left and right) . By sliding this up, only then can I enter the score. This is what was happening on the course yesterday. 

After a few goes at this I ignored the phone app, only to find that the watch would lose contact with the phone....which turned out to be because the phone app was no longer running. Upon restarting it (yet again) the watch would never then get its gps position from the phone, so was unusuable. It was at this point I gave up.

I will try it all again on the course, but to be honest if that fails I'll be making sure to cancel renewal and look elsewhere, which is  a shame because when it works I think Golf Pad is great. Its just.......

I have phone app version downloaded on the 21st May 2020, version 15.11. I have  just downloaded the watch app version 5.4.6. Is this as up to date as I can get? I'll give it all another go on Wednesday.

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