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data I want

 For me, the most important data is how close to the hole is my approach shot and how far was that shot with what club. With this data, when I go to the range I know what to practice.

I have struggled with various ways to get this data without much success. Suggested methods are too cumbersome requiring to many clicks.

Recently I have tried something different:

My first shot that lands on the green, I click Mark shot instead of first putt. Then, at the flag I mark first putt. That gives me the distance to the hole (+/- a yard). Now, when the hole is over I set the club for the last shot to putter and add how many additional putts (hopefully only 1 ;-)

For example, with this method the shot list screen shows I hit my 9 iron 45 yards and 13 feet from the pin. Useful data (for me) and it only took 2 clicks while on the green.

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Hi Bob - thanks for sharing your tip. I'll be sure the team receives your input to see if we can improve this data point in the future.

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