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Usage in club competitions

Could someone please tell me if I can use the premium version whilst playing club competitions as the premium version gives club suggestion which I don't think is allowed?

Hi Joe - you can use Regulation Mode during a competition. 

Golf Pad Regulation Mode was designed to conform to USGA rules regarding Distance Measuring Devices (DMDs)


Links to explanations of USGA rule 14-3, 

The non-conforming features that are removed from the app include:


-Club Recommendations

-Real-time feedback of shot distances


To enable Regulation Mode, access the preferences menu and select the Regulation Mode tab move the slider. You can enable and disable Regulation Mode without having to uninstall/reinstall the application.

The flow chart says it still cannot be used even if its disabled or switched off?

Hi Joe, I've updated my reply to include the most recent set of rules. Sorry for any confusion. See here: 

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