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Closing App on iwatch

Why won’t my most recent round close on my iwatch? I keep closing app on phone and watch, but it keeps reappearing on my watch.  I would turn off Location services, but the app says it needs to be Always on to work correctly. Thanks. Lori

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Hi Lori. Thanks for letting us know you are having trouble. I'm sorry to hear that's happening. Please ensure you have the latest update of the Golf Pad app by checking the App Store. If you have the latest version but still see the issue, please create a support ticket so we can look into this for you. 

What’s the answer? I have the same problem

Hello, Kevin. This issue is caused by the integration with the Apple Health app. Our engineers will fix it in one of the next releases. As a workaround, disable "Send golfing activity to Apple Health" in Golf Pad preferences > Apple Watch. 

How many years will it take to get this fixed? I have the same problem and it's super frustrating to see the app open on my watch for days.


Hello Rob - thanks for chiming in here.  As mentioned above, this issue can be caused by integration with the Apple Health app. As you can imagine, as phones get more and more integrated with layer upon layer of functionality like Apple Health, developers have a lot to work on to retain the same functionality over time. 

I'll get an update from our development team and post it here once I learn more.

As mentioned above, for now you can disable "Send golfing activity to Apple Health" in Golf Pad preferences > Apple Watch.  Have you tried this? 

Hi team, I’m also having this issue, and have tried disabling the connection with Apple health, but the app just keeps re-appearing on my iWatch. I have also tried restarting both my watch and iPhone to no avail. Any help would be appreciated, as it’s draining my watch battery, and my next option is to delete the app.

Hi Sami -please open a new support ticket so the team can help you troubleshoot. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help. - Cindy

I’m having this problem as well. The only thing that works is to first finish the round on the phone then close the app on the watch

I have the same issue and the only thing that works is to restart the Apple Watch.

Same… I put my Watch on a charger to close out app.
This is BEYOND frustrating. Yes … for the first time yesterday, I clicked on the Toggle Switch to send data to Apple Health. I wish I read these posts before I did that. I have turned that Toggle Switch OFF now, turned my iPhone off, turned my watch off, restarted, and my 18th hole still shows up, even though I clicked Finish Round, and my score is posted. Yes. I will file a report to your Systems Team, but this is very annoying. I love the App during the round, but others I have played with use other Apps without these difficulties. This issue, combined with my frustrations with the Tags (which I have removed from my clubs and switched off on the App …) is making me think about going elsewhere for my Golf Course data.
I’ve been having the same irritating issue up until a few days ago. All I did was uninstall Golf Pad from my Apple Watch, then allow it to reinstall again. I played yesterday and when I finished the round I didn’t have the continued pop up of my finished game on my watch anymore..
Hey Everybody!! I finally figured out a work around that works for me… After your round of golf, open the Watch app on your iPhone. Scroll down to “INSTALLED ON APPLE WATCH” Click on “Golf Pad.” Click off “Show App on Apple Watch” Wait a second, then immediately click it back on. Click “back” and close app. No need to power down, restart, reinstall, toggle Apple Heath, etc. Hope this helps others.
Thanks, Mary! I will give this a try. (Still seems like the programmers have some work to do …) Now … Mary, can you help me with my game? It’s terrible.
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