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Closing App on iwatch

Why won’t my most recent round close on my iwatch? I keep closing app on phone and watch, but it keeps reappearing on my watch.  I would turn off Location services, but the app says it needs to be Always on to work correctly. Thanks. Lori

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Hi Lori. Thanks for letting us know you are having trouble. I'm sorry to hear that's happening. Please ensure you have the latest update of the Golf Pad app by checking the App Store. If you have the latest version but still see the issue, please create a support ticket so we can look into this for you. 

What’s the answer? I have the same problem

Hello, Kevin. This issue is caused by the integration with the Apple Health app. Our engineers will fix it in one of the next releases. As a workaround, disable "Send golfing activity to Apple Health" in Golf Pad preferences > Apple Watch. 

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