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Manual input of club distance data

Is it possible to manually enter distance ranges for each club in my bag. Thanx Gavin

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Hello Mr. Trevor Alston - 

Thanks for your feedback. Golf Pad provides intelligent club selection advice, based on your playing history, distance, elevation change to target, current weather conditions and altitude, sometimes referred to as "plays like". Just tap the plays like distance on your screen and you will see the 'plays like' details.  Learn more about how the Golf Pad PLAYS LIKE feature works. 

PLAYS LIKE refers to the distance you would normally need to hit to reach the target under 'regular conditions' at your home course. Do you have your home course set in the app?


As we've stated previously in this thread....Golf Pad estimates typical distances for all clubs and based on PW and Driver entry. Recommendations are available immediately when typical distances are entered for Driver and PW, and then gradually become even more precise with each tracked shot. Golf Pad gives more weight to recent data, so there is no need to manually exclude older rounds as you progress. Unusually short or long shots are also excluded automatically.


Most users let us know they are consistently amazed at the accuracy of the PLAYS LIKE recommendations. Have you tracked shots for several rounds? Improve recommendation quality by tracking more shots using your phone or smartwatch. 

We hope you find the feature useful. If you notice the data doesn't look right, please tap 'Feedback' on the detail screen. Then proceed to send the report and include a brief note on what was wrong. This helps us continue to fine tune the algorithms and improve accuracy. 

When I go to setting all I get is my log in details, I cannot manually set the distances for my clubs

To manually set your typical lengths for Driver and PW, tap the settings icon -> Plays like & club recommendations -> if not enabled, check the box to enable. You will then see typical club lengths at the bottom of this screen, tap to edit. -Jon 

Hi I agree with the others it would be nice to set the average club length on ALL clubs manually as I don't always hit a good shot with every club

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