Lock screen way to dark while using TAGS Android

Posted over 4 years ago by Joe D

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Joe D

Android S7 Loved the app before I ordered the TAGS. Now with TAGS enabled the lock screen displaying the shot information is so dark that I can't see anything. I can barely see the swipe up bar to unlock the phone. I've looked everywhere for an option to increase the brightness during this but no luck. The brightness bar on the scroll down bar is at max. What a silly feature I just want to disable that lock screen but you cannot with TAGS enabled.

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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted over 4 years ago Admin

Hi Joe - thanks for your feedback about the Smart Lock screen. Most phones power down the NFC radio automatically when the screen is turned off. Golf Pad uses SmartLock mode to keep both screen and NFC active, while blocking on-screen controls to avoid accidental inputs. You can also see the distance to the target and change current hole right in SmartLock mode, without unlocking the phone. However the screen is dimmed to maximize battery life. Here is additional information.

I hope this additional information helps you understand the necessity of the smart lock.

I will pass your feedback about your impression that the Smart Lock screen is too dark. We appreciate user feedback and always take it into account when making choices about future development. 

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