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First impressions: GolfPad and Samsung Gear S3

After my Pebble watch and the company that made it, stopped working, I got myself a Samsung Gear S3. I started using it for golf two weeks ago. I don't like to fumble with my phone during a round of golf, so I was looking for a way to use my watch only.

The app works fine in connected mode, but with the phone in my bag on a trolley, it is not very accurate for shot tracking, especially around the green. I can usually edit the shots after the round, but it is a bit cumbersome, because I either see the map, or the edit screen, but no both together.

I signed up for the beta program to check out the new app that supports the offline mode for the watch. The watch app would lock up occasionally, but overall it worked well, but only for 10 holes, after which the battery ran out.

So it looks like for now I'll have no choice but carry the phone in my back pocket during the round, and use the online mode for the watch, which drains a lot less battery.


Thanks for your feedback and for participating in the beta program. Your input is invaluable! We're smoothing out all the features of the stand alone option, so hopefully you'll be able to use that method once it's final version is released. 

I cant fidn Golfpad GPS APP for my Samsung Gear S3. Why? I am a premium member.



Hi Lowell - please let us know if this information helps: If you still aren't able to locate the Gear app, please submit a ticket so we can research further. 

The new beta app and Samsung Gear App now work reliably in offline mode, with enough battery left for one full round. I find it easiest to put the watch into flight mode after loading the round, then reconnect it to the phone after the round.

This is a big improvment, and I can leave the phone in my bag.

Thanks for your feedback. It's now out of beta and available to all! Keep the commments coming. 

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