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Screen Management

I just started using this app with the Golf Tags and love it with one exception, Screen management, specifically the dimming of the screen. I fully understand and appreciate the desire to not kill the battery but I don't need the app to do it. I carry extra power on my push cart that is ample to power my phone for a couple of days. So am am asking that you make the screen/power management an option that I can turn on and off.

Thank you,

Rob Trainer

Hi Rob. Thanks for the great feedback! I'll be sure my team receives it for consideration. I'm sure you aren't the only golfer who prepares with an extra battery! :)

Great suggestion. I have struggled trying to read the screen when dimmed specially on sunny days. It is very difficult to determine if the shots are being recorded to the appropriate hole, or if the shot was recorded at all.

Hey Mario - thank you for adding your vote to the suggestion. I'll be sure to share this with our development team.

Can screen coloring be changed to make the screen readable in sunlight or an outline of the green view on dark background?

Hi Robert - we do have interface updates on our roadmap. Keep an eye on the new updates as they are released to ensure you see the latest features right away. We appreciate your feedback. Keep it coming! - Cindy

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