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I paid for premium so I could see handicap details even though I know it's not official.
I can't find anything on the stats section when I access GolfPad on my computer.
It shows a handicap index at the top but I don't even know what that means?
It's very frustrating.

I just read my comment above which I posted last night.  It sounds aggressive, it isn't meant to be, just looking for some help!  

Yes, when you're on the website, on your player dashboard, that handicap index at the top is your calculated handicap. You can also find this on the app, in Settings, in the 'User Profile' where you specify whether the app calculates the handicap, or the user inputs themselves. 

Hi Dean, just to follow-on from Walter's post;

The player dashboard on the website just shows you your currently calculated handicap as "handicap index". There's no additional information there.

The real meat is in the app. If you go to "Settings" -> "User Profile", at the bottom you'll see some handicap information. Click the "Details" button at the bottom of the page, and it will take you to a screen that shows every round you have saved, and how it affects your handicap.

At the top right, you choose the Handicap association that you play under. For example,. I play most of my golf in the UK so I choose CONGU as that's where most of the courses I play on are registered.

- Each round then shows the Tees you played from, your Gross Score, your Adjusted score (some associations cap score at Double Bogey for the purpose of handicap calculation, for example), and the Standard Scratch Score of the course you played on.

- Golf Pad will then use this information to calculate your handicap, based on the rules for your association. You'll have to look these up to understand them, but should be easy to find.

CONGU, for example, takes the lowest score of your first 3 rounds to calculate your starting handicap, and then it is adjusted each round based on the "zone" that your current handicap is in and how you performed against it. If I were in Zone 3 and shot 2 under my handicap, for example, it would decrease by 2x 0.3, so 0.6.  

Whatever your handicap is currently calculated as, it is rounded to the nearest whole number and used every time you play (if you have it set to automatically calculate, that is). You can always manually override it if you want.

Hope this helps!

Thanks very much David and Walter, very much appreciated.

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