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Miss-hits formula


does anyone know or worked-out the miss-hits formula?

My miss-hits % are generally 11%-30% But my trusty old (I mean super old) 5-iron is a whopping 52% !

This is my trusty club - I use this to chip on the green, fairway bunkers, punch out of the trees and any other shot that is not standard. 

On the fairway I trust it to go straight/left (never fade / push) and get me up there. I use it even when bigger clubs are required but am not sure of the lie. 

So am wondering if the stat = miss-hit is including all those 'savers' out of sand and trees is ruining the score :-( 

Do I need to deselect the club on those kinds of shots? 

Anyone worked this out 

thanks, richard

The team needs more details to investigate. Please open a ticket and provide your Support ID (found under settings) with these details and your question. Thank you!

Hi Richard - thanks for posting your question. I'm checking in with our developers for a detailed explanation of the data points you've shared. 

According to the Mis-hit formula I miss 83% of my shots  but I am better than 95% of golfers???

How can this make sense?  How can 95% of golfers actually miss more than 83% of their shots - the numbers are counter-intuitive

this is my sand wedge:


Nice - at last I know what that is for, thanks

Hi Richard - Abnormally short shots are included in mis-hits. You should set the lie type to 'recovery' when using the club to punch out of trees, etc. Let us know if you still have other questions. 

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