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Link doesn't turn on and vibrant when charging

Link doesn't turn on and vibrates when charging What to do..? Tried to reset... Does not work. The LINK is now in charge and is vibrating? Regards Jóhannes

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Hi Johannes - I'm sorry this is happening. Please send a support request to our support team using this link. They will help you sort this out. This link doesn't work....
Unable to load page. We encountered an unexpected problem (check your network connection).

In that case, please send an email to instead. 

Jóhannes Jónsson, Fikk du noe svar eller løsning på dette. Har akkurat samme problem.

Jóhannes Jónsson, Did you get an answer, or solution for this.  I experience the same problem. 

Geir - if you have this issue and have tried the steps here, please send a support query to us using or the link referenced above. 

This has happened to me before. All you have to do is keep the unit plugged in and keep it charged. Like for a really long time. I think I left it charging for 1.5 days. I was worried but eventually stopped vibrating. I believe that whenever the unit is fully drained of power this happens.

I had this problem and it rendered the Link useless. I had it plugged into a 2.4A outlet for days and days and the battery wouldn't hold a charge. The vibrator was taking most of the power and I believe the baterry had discharged itself so low that it was unable to recharge.

This unit has been designed incorrectly. When fully charged and turned off the battery should hold it's charge for months. However one of the faults in the circuit board is slowly draining the battery over a number of days. It shouldn't be left permanently on charge between rounds as advised. Also, the vibrator is taking virtually all of the power that should be charging the battery. Again, another design fault.

I think the people at GolfPad realised the shortcomings of this link device and that is why they have discontinued it. The idea was to not have your phone connected during the round and so save the phone's battery but as people have pointed out going back to using the tags and phone flattens the battery.

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Same here, this usually happens when the battery completely dies in the off season. Charge with a high power charger for several days (as many as 4 days), ignore the vibration and it will eventually charge to full and light will turn green. Best to always recharge after a round, which is easy during the season. Usually best to plan for a few days of charging at the beginning of the season.
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