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Samsung Gear not working with app now

Recently Samsung Gear 3 watch has updated their software and the app will not stay open on the watch. None of the features like shot recording or advancement of the hole work. Any solutions?

Christopher - we got a support ticket for this issue. You'll get a follow up email.

i have recently bought the premium app and have a gear 3 watch. 

On the first hole, first shot the watch works fine when i get to take my second shot it says no gps on the watch. I need to get my phone back out and then the watch is ok until the next shot....

So i may aswell just use a free version of GOLF GPS as it dosent work properly on the watch.


Hi Stevenjnaylor88! Thanks for asking about this. We definitely want your experience with the watch to be smooth. Please try this to start:

If there is no GPS when you use Golf Pad with smartwatches, please make sure that the battery optimization is switched off in phone settings (Settings --> Battery --> Battery optimization). If battery optimization is on, then Android turns off GPS for all applications when the screen is off. You can turn on battery optimization again after finishing playing with Golf Pad app.

Let us know if this solves the issue.

The problem I had may disappear with the newest update. I'll just wait until the next time I go out.

Hi Ron. An update will be released in the next couple of days. Do let us know if you have any further issues the next time you play. The best way for us to address your personal situation is via a support ticket. Thanks for checking in. - Cindy

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