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Smartwatch GPS and tags

Ok so there are several posts that are not clear on this.... if I can a watch with GPS will the app use the watch GPS or do I still have to have  a phone nearby?

Also can I scan tags with a watch?

This should be more clear. Also just a point for all the phone in your pocket comments... you may want to check most women's golf skorts don't have pockets big enough for most phones today.

Please clarify....

I wonder all golfers wish to read the golfpad tags with the smart watch's NFC at standalone model, so there is no need to carry a phone while swing. But looks like all NFC on smart watch is just a Tag not a reader :( So using the app on smart watch makes no sense

Hello Haibo - thanks for chiming in on this topic. You can track shots, use the watch GPS for distances (wtihout your phone) and select clubs from the watch now. This works on both Android and iPhones with one of our latest releases. Have you had time to try it out? Here's more information about stand-alone mode for Samsung.  - Cindy

Yes, I do use the stand-alone mode on my glaxy watch. But I already equipped each club a Golfpad Tag,  before i purchased the Tags I didn't know the Tags only working with phone :( 

And Btw, I also use Smart Caddie from Golfwith a lot on my galaxy watch, its caching the course map to the watch, and using different maps than goolge maps, so its available where google maps are not available.

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