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Smartwatch GPS and tags

Ok so there are several posts that are not clear on this.... if I can a watch with GPS will the app use the watch GPS or do I still have to have  a phone nearby?

Also can I scan tags with a watch?

This should be more clear. Also just a point for all the phone in your pocket comments... you may want to check most women's golf skorts don't have pockets big enough for most phones today.

Please clarify....

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The app still uses the phone GPS. While watch GPS has been getting better (some now use Glonass and GPS sats), most probably won't be as accurate as your phone, as you have to consider the antennae too. If you have LINK, that supposed to be even more accurate.

It's never been stated in the forums that Golf Pad is considering using the watch's GPS.

As for scanning tags with a watch, the app can't do that, and keep in mind that many older watches are NFC tags, and not readers. That capability has been requested before in the forums, but it's never been confirmed that that may be in the works as newer watches are introduced that have that functionality. 

If you wear a skort, LINK may be the answer provided that you have some place to clip it on. Your phone could stay in the power cart or on your pull cart.

Walter is correct, Lori. (thank you Walter) When using Golf Pad Premium with your smartwatch, the GPS location is still using your phone GPS - NOT the watch. As Walter mentioned, the Golf Pad LINK is the best solution to this as you can track your game with the small, low profile LINK reader clipped to your waistband along with your watch. Bear in mind, if you are using your watch, you still need to have your watch paired to your phone as it's not possible for the watch to connect directly to the reader. Bluetooth range is 20-30 feet depending on your phone, so for most golfers, this means you can comfortably leave your phone in your bag or in the cart. 

Is this still the case?  These answers were a year ago.  Has this changed for either the watch GPS or Tags working with the NFC on the watch? (Samsung S7 + Samsung Gear Sport)

Hi Richard - we have a stand-alone watch feature coming out soon. It will be for Apple Watch and select Samsung Gear watch models based on most popular watches used with the app. We expect the Apple Watch version to be released first. They are both in beta test versions currently. Thanks for checking and keep an eye out for updates on your app to enjoy this new Premium feature.

That's good news.  Mine is Samsung Gear Sport.  


Any closer to a release? Would be much appreciated since I keep my phone in the bag.

The whole point with the smart watch is not needing to have a big phone in my back pocket...

Samsung S3

Will this work with tags?

Fredrik - yes! Apple has been rolled out. Here are more details about the stand-alone feature. 

Hi Scott - the stand-alone feature enables the GPS distances to generate from the watch location rather than the phone. It doesn't change the way you use TAGS at this time, though that's a suggestion that's been made and we have on our list of features to consider.

I'm currently beta testing the Android standalone app and it looks,after two rounds, to be really good. But tagging the clubs directly onto watch is a must-have feature, there's no point having a stand alone app if i still need to carry my phone with me. Are the watches with NFC able to do this?
Hi, I am on Samsung gear, is there any timeline for standalone release? Thanks!
I am currently testing the Beta version of the standalone App with a Samsung Galaxy Watch and this watch has two major flaws which means the stand alone version will be of limited interest I think. Firstly he watch GPS goes to sleep which the watch screen tones out to standby. This means that when you look at the watch you have to wait 5-10 seconds for the GPS to fire up and then about the same again whilst the distance changes as it locates more satellites. This interferes with the golf way too much to be practical. Secondly the NFC on the galaxy watch cannot be used with the tags, so if you use then as I do,then you need you phone in your pocket anyway. Unless Samsung can be pursauded to change this then it won't work for me I'm afraid. I do love the golfpad app though, just not with the galaxy.

Anything new?  I'm especially interested in the question Richard Shaw posted.  I have seriously been thinking about picking up a Samsung Active watch and going back to Golf Pad from Shotscope.  Shotscope works great but I miss using shots gained on the Golf Pad with tags.

Hi Kevin - we've rolled out about our standalone Apple and Samsung versions of the app. Here's more information about the Samsung feature. 

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