New Auto-Advance Algorithm for Android

New in Android Version 14.5

Update your app for a new hole auto-advance algorithm. This new algorithm uses artificial intelligence system backed by Google's TensorFlow framework to pick the right hole for recorded shots. You should see improved hole assignment when using Golf Pad LINK or TAGS. Choose between new and old algorithm in settings / auto-advance. 

Let us know what you think! This is a big feature update and we need everyone's feedback. If you see any issues, have questions or comments, lets us know.

We should have an iPhone release in the next several weeks as well!

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Thks Jon. The download is 14.5.

We recently released an update to the fixed auto advance feature: Android version 14.5.3. - which is available now. 

Played two days now with 14.5.3 and link worked perfectly for registering hole advance and putts. My experience is that the update had solved my earlier issues. Thanks

I also played a round Saturday and the new algorithm worked flawlessly... I would say that it is fixed. Registered all shots, putts went where they should and auto advance was spot on. Now if we could just get that on off button to have a little bit of a delay in turning it off so that it doesn't get turned off accidentally that would be great!

Great Job!

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