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iWatch GPS


I'm trying to determine if the app will use the iWatch GPS or if it uses the phone only.


We are not currently using the GPS data from the watch itself. We are hopeful that this may change in the future with some adjustment to the watch but until then the GPS data will be provided by the phone.

Have you made any head way in getting the app on the watch to use the GPS chip without the phone? Even if the watch requires pairing again between holes in order to get data for the next hole, etc?

Also, is there a way to change the settings so that once I have selected my first putt on a given hole that the timer then defaults to putts then on? IE once I have hit my first putt then my next shot(s) are almost always putts.

So the exception to the rule would be 

A - 1) track shot 2) track putt 3) track shot 4) track putt and more likely to be 

B - 1) track shot 2) track shot 3) track putt 4) track putt

BUMP the thread.

We do not have any further updates at this time. There are still complications with Apple's system that will need to be adjusted from their end before we can access the GPS data from the watch itself.

I would like this also

tracking require Golf Pad Premium upgrade on my watch. I have the Premium package

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