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Any good tips for scanning Golf Tags on the course?

I absolutely love the golf tags with Golf Pad, but hate how I look on the Tee box, sticking my club out perpindicular from my body, rubbing the butt of my club on my pocket, trying to find the NFC sweet spot.

I understand the difficulties with NFC as a technology in general, but I was wondering if anyone found a good way to get the tags to scan without looking so silly, or them being so fussy?

The worst is on the tee box when everyone is standing around watching.  I've considered taking my driver golf tag off, and keeping it in the pocket opposite my phone so I can pull it out and tap it, instead of doing the club rub, golf tag dance.

Was not happy with the durability of the first tags out, but now very happy with the second generation black tags. I golf 3 to 5 times a week and have not had a tag failure since I got them 3 months ago. As far as using Link, I turn the phone volume way down and rely on the vibration of the Link. It's working great and I'm not holding anyone up. Most don't even realize what I'm doing. I do wish there were an easy way to record a sand shot without pulling my phone out. I have a Sony, Pebble, and Magellan smartwatch, but none have a provision for adding a sand shot. Maybe in the works?
I thought the bunker shots would be automatically selected, similar to the fairway results of a drive.  This doesn't seem to happen, so I'm always going in after the round and editting the shots to "fix" those things.  It does help tremendously that I can recall all of my shots in a round even up to a week later (I only play once a week or so), so I know which shots were from the sand or from the fringe or first cut.

I only have the tags and not the Link, so I have no idea how the Link works.  I'll have to speak to a friend who uses a Pebble watch with his tags and see if that is simple to do "on the fly".

My Tags are supposed to arrive soon so I have no experience with tagging and my iPhone. The Game Golf "Classic" device that I have used for years was easy to work with. I've seen mention of people keeping the phone "nearby", or taking it out to tag. Has anyone tried putting their phone in a holster or belt clip and tagging their shots?

Get a phone clip. It does wonders. 

I use a phone holster and what I noticed is that the metal and little magnets in the holster interfere with the NFC signal. Another thing was my putter grip. Because of the 'metal' bolt on top it had big troubles getting read by my phone.

My solution was to put a ferrite sticker on the entire back of the tag. It worked wonders so I ended up putting ferrite stickers on all my tags at the back.

Maybe it might be an idea for golfpad to look at NFC tags made for on metal surfaces. It realy boosts the performance on reading the tags.

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Edwin, I may give this a try.  Thanks for the idea.  I’ve been wondering why a couple tags are hit and miss when scanning.

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