What features are available on Samsung Galaxy/Gear?

Modified on Tue, 29 Aug, 2023 at 4:05 PM

For a quick on-course review of Golf Pad functionality on Samsung Galaxy/Gear watches, please see this video. Detailed information and screenshots are available below.

While using Gear/Galaxy watch out on the course you will be able to:

  • See the distance to the green (front, middle and back), your score, club recommendations and switch between holes:

  • See shot tracking distance, layups and elevation.

Swipe left or right to change current hole. Swipe up or down or use bezel to navigate between the information screens shown above. 

Keeping score

You can keep score in 3 ways. Select the scoring mode in Golf Pad Preferences > Smartwatch sync on your phone:

  • Select 'Track total scores only' to keep your total score for each hole. Just tap the screen to show the scoring page:

  • Use 'Track shot distances' mode to add individual shots/putts/penalties. Tap the screen to add a shot. Golf Pad will automatically pre-select 'Add putt' if you are on the green. You can also add a penalty, mark flag (note that by adding the flag position the app tracks your current location, so it is more convenient to mark it when you finish the hole) or putt out from the same view.

  • If you prefer to track shots and select clubs, use 'Track shot distances and clubs'. Once you tap the screen, you will be able to select a club. You will also see the options to mark flag, add penalty, undo last action or putt out in the menu. 

TIP: If you normally track individual shots, but occasionally need to finish the hole and enter total score without tracking shots or putts, select the 'Putt out' option. You will be able to add up the total score on the hole. Any shots you tracked before putting out will be saved with their clubs and locations. 

NOTE 1: Golf Pad watch app requires phone connection throughout the round by default. For standalone operation please refer to this article.

NOTE 2: This article describes the features available in Golf Pad on watches running Tizen 4 (Gear S3 or newer). If you use Gear S2 or older models, please see this article about available features. 

NOTE 3: If you are using Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Watch Active 4 running Wear OS, refer to this article

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