How do I change my social media log in to email/password credentials or update my email address?

This article explains how to update the email address on your Golf Pad account, merge accounts and/or change your password.

To change your account credentials (how you log in to the Golf Pad app), open the app, go to Golf Pad Preferences (gear icon in upper right of the start screen) > User profile > Manage account > Change account.

There are two options:

  • Choose Create New Account to create a new email and password combination. Your playing history, preferences and premium status will be transferred into the new account automatically.

  • Choose Merge with Another Account to transfer your playing history, preferences and Premium status into an existing Golf Pad account. This option may be useful if you used two different accounts on different devices and want to combine everything together.

How do I change my Golf Pad password?

If you just want to change the password on your account without changing the email, navigate to and tap 'Forgot password'. You will receive an email with a special link to reset your password online. If you don't receive an email, your account may be using a different email. Check this under Preferences > User Profile. If you can't access your User Profile, please contact support for help.

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