Power ON/OFF

  • Briefly press the power button to turn the LINK reader on or off.

Green LED light - GPS location lock status

  • Flashing once every 5 seconds: GPS location is locked, you can track shots now
  • Flashing once every 1 second: LINK is searching for GPS. This may take up to several minutes
  • Light is ON continuously: LINK is in firmware update mode. See this article for reset instructions. 

Blue LED light - Bluetooth connection status

  • Flashing once every 5 seconds means LINK is connected to the phone
  • Flashing once every 1 second means LINK is searching for Bluetooth connection
  • Flashing rapidly - pairing confirmation is in progress. See paring instructions for more details.

Tags scanning vibration patterns

  • One long vibration: tag is scanned successfully, shot is recorded
  • Three short vibrations: unable to record the shot. The most common reason is GPS location is not acquired yet.

Charging LED light (at the bottom)

  • Orange - charging is in progress
  • Green - LINK is fully charged

More information about charging LINK battery

Reset button (at the bottom, requires a paperclip)

You can also check the current state of your LINK reader using the app. See this page for detailed instructions.