The Strokes Gained feature allows users to see a categorical breakdown of their game and how it compares to the average PGA Tour player. 


Golf Pad puts the game into 4 categories; Tee Shots, Approach, Short Game and Putting. 


The numbers associated with each category represent the average number of strokes, per hole, that a user is either gaining or losing compared to the average PGA Tour player. 


The picture below shows the Strokes Gained averages for the users complete playing history.

You can also see a break down of an individual round in the playing history and post round wrap up screen.

Color Coding is used to help highlight strengths and weaknesses in a user's game. 

Below you can see a shot by shot breakdown for an individual round. The darker green a shot is the better the shot, white shows shots that fall in the average range, yellow-orange shots are below average and red denotes a very poor shot.

Users can also see the color coding in their round review, adding another level of insight to the map view.