Some of Golf Pad's features are designed for practice only and can not be used while playing a conforming golf round according to the USGA rules, such as playing in a tournament or playing a round that will be posted for the official golfer handicap. 

Please see the following page for detailed information about USGA Rule 14-3 governing the use of Distance-Measuring Devices:

When Regulation Mode is enabled, the non-conforming features are disabled in Golf Pad, including:

- Elevation

- PLAYS LIKE distances

- Club Recommendations

- Real-time reporting of shot distances

You can still track your game, but you will only be able to review distances and related statistics after completing the round.

To enable or disable the Regulation Mode, open Golf Pad preferences and select Regulation Mode. You can enable and disable Regulation Mode without having to uninstall/reinstall the app. If playing a conforming round, be sure to enable Regulation Mode before the round starts. 

Note: additional local rules may apply - be sure to check with the local official to verify Golf Pad can be used during your golf round.