Android World Handicap Support launched!

Golf Pad has released the latest Android app version which includes World Handicap Support. (WHS).  Have you started using the new scoring system? Leave a comment and tell us how you like it. Learn more here.  

Hi Wayne - I will make the request to the team. Thanks for letting us know. - Cindy

Hello, Wayne. 

Please try searching for Hill Barn Golf Course in the search tab (not uploading from Recent tab) and change the handicap system settings in Preferences to WHS UK. 

After the search the tees of the course should show slopes and ratings along with SSS. If only SSS are available, please send your support id to

Our team is working on an engine that will automatically update a user's historical rounds. Meanwhile, you can go to any historical round you would like to update, choose View&Edit -> Round settings -> Tap to select a different course and search for the course in the search tab. Thus, you will upload the updated (slope and rating containing) version of the course.

Hi just to chime in on this - WHS is a great feature, but it's value is severely limited by the fact that golfpad offers no way for users to get their scores attested by other players (even if those other users don't use golfpad) 

Unfortunately, almost any tournament, and certainly no golf clubs (public or otherwise), will accept scores for confirmation of an official handicap without someone attesting each of the scores.

So while it's a neat little feature, and works well among casual friends, thats about it. Without verified scores, you can't do much else.


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