Android World Handicap Support launched!

Golf Pad has released the latest Android app version which includes World Handicap Support. (WHS).  Have you started using the new scoring system? Leave a comment and tell us how you like it. Learn more here.  

I tried to switch to the WHS handicap calculator in the app (from CONGU) but it didn't seem to work properly. From what I understand of WHS, I would have expected all of my current rounds to be valid - however, when you switched, the app shows all of my existing rounds (which are valid under CONGU) as not a valid WHS course

Hi David - Thanks for your comment. We had a few subsequent updates after this launch. Will you confirm you are using the latest by checking in the app store for updates? Let me know and we'll go from there.  - Cindy

Hi Cindy. I've checked the play store and there's no update showing as available, and in the app my version is showing as 15.6 (which I believe is the latest?) Thanks, David

Yes, that's the latest version. I'm looking into this for you. I'll post an update as soon as I have it. - Cindy

Hi David - we are looking into this. Looks like we may need to add a way to add ratings and slope in addition to SSS in completed rounds. - Cindy

Thanks for the update Cindy. Fortunately have a few months before switching to WHS :) One quick note - they're UK courses (under CONGU) and so I don't believe slope rating is a factor (slope is, I think, a USGA thing?). From what I can tell, the only handicap factor in the rounds is SSS

David, that's correct - only SSS is required for CONGU handicap. WHS relies on rating and slope though. We will be updating our database to include these for the course in the UK as the data becomes available. 


Why is there a WHS and WHS(UK)?  Is there a difference?  Amin the UK which should be selected (I doubt I will play overseas - not seriously anyway)

Why does the App have WHS and WHS (UK)?  

Hi Richard - thanks for the question! 

WHS and WHS (UK)  handle 9-hole rounds different ways: 

WHS combines one 9-hole round in history with another (for example if you have only one 9-hole round in history we don't use it in calculations until one more 9-hole round played, and then merge these to rounds in one 18-hole round ).

WHS UK scales up every 9-hole round to 18-hole and then use it in calculation, so if you have only one 9-hole round in history -  we will use it in calculations.

Let us know if you have more questions. 

Hi. I'm trying to change my handicap over from CONGU to World Handicap (UK) but it just says all the rounds I have are 'Non WHS Golf Course'. I know they are as they're on the USPGA site with all the ratings. What's the issue? Thanks!

WHS is available in the app, however, some UK courses are still missing course rating/slope. Our team is in the process of adding them now. However, there are some courses that haven't been updated yet. We are aiming for 100% in the next few weeks. In the meantime, you can add rating and slope for a course as per this instruction: Or, if there is a course you play a lot, let us know and we can prioritize it for you. - Cindy, Golf Pad

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Thanks Cindy. If I want a correct/consistent handicap using WHS then presumably I have to change all my previous rounds (92 of them!) from the CONGU setting to WHS?

(Obviously i wont have to do the slope and course rating for each one as once entered for each course they will copy across to other instances)

Hi Cindy. My local course is showing as a non whs course, although I know it has been rated. I know a few golfpad pro users who play the course, could you prioritise it at all? Hill Barn Golf Course, worthing, West Sussex UK Thanks
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