New iPhone Compatible TAGS - Feedback Wanted!

A few weeks ago we announced our NEW Golf Pad TAGS. Any Golf Pad TAGS purchased after November 1, 2018 are now compatible with iPhone 7 / iOS 12 or later as well as Android. iPhone users rejoice!

Tracking your shots automatically means you can focus on your game and keep your phone in your pocket. Hundreds of you have already purchased your new set. 

We focus on user feedback to continue to deliver the best experience and features. We want to hear from you! 

1. Are you an Android or iPhone user? 
2. What were your thoughts about the set up process of the new tags? 
3. Have you had time to use them on the course? What did you like most about using them? 

Any other thoughts you'd like to share with the team?

Ready, set, GO...

Gb0415 - Thanks for posting on the forum. We regularly achieve a 6 or less hour first response on nearly all support tickets. I see your support tickets and our replies. Please check your SPAM/junk or promotion filters. Search for "" and you should find them. Our first reply was on June 14th. I'll reply via your support ticket again, but they may be filtered. If you didn't get our auto-responder when you first emailed us, you might have given us a wrong email. Typo's do happen. We will gladly help you with the tags that won't scan. If you are getting an "incompatible tag" message, that means the tag wasn't activated at the factory. Just follow the prompts to "contact support". That will send us the info we need to activate them for you. Quick and easy fix. If the tags aren't scanning at all, that's another matter and we will need to replace them. To protect your privacy, we will need to get your address via support. 

Hello Cindy, I have been checking SPAM and junk with regularity.  I am getting an "incompatible tag" message with 6 TAGS.  I followed the prompts to contact support from the app a few times but not with all 6 TAGS but I have not gotten any response at all.  I will send you my address via the email you sent to me.  Thanks

HI Chris - thanks for chiming in with your feedback. Please report back after trying some of those tips to help with battery life.

Gb0415 - Great. I'll look for it! 

I use the tags with a iPhone Xs and apple watch. I find I can easily play 18 holes, but I will need to charge the phone later in the day. I do find it awkward to get the tags to register though on occasions ie stroking the edge of the phone over the tags for a while until something happens :-).

In the future it would be much better to be able to use the apple watch to do this. Currently I have stopped using the iphone now that I can do a standalone with the apple watch. This keeps my pockets phone free, which is much nicer.

Frank - thanks so much for the feedback. I'm glad you've found the standalone option with the watch useful. The tip with the iPhone is the NFC reader is in the top of the phone, rather than the back like most others. You know Apple, gotta break the mold! 

Hi Chris - thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear your battery issue is improved. Regarding the issue when editing the scorecard and the random "unlock" of the smart lock, will you kindly submit a support ticket. We'll look into why this is happening and get it resolved. 

Remember the NFC reader is located at the top of the iPhone. That should help you position the tag in the right area to get a reliable scan. 

Is there a timeline for Fitbit users?
Just switched from android to iPhone. In doing so my Samsung fit s2 no longer works. It is compatible with iPhone but not 3rd party apps. Won’t even show apps. So with this. I will not pay 400 dollars for an iwatch. My only hope is you folks make Fitbit compatible.
Just started using the iPhone with tags. I switched from the reader as soon as they became available . It’s a definite drain on the battery of your cell phone. It’s practically impossible to finish around and have any charge left on your phone. That’s even with putting the phone in low battery mode. I have a brand new iPhone X with a very good battery like yet this app just kills it. It would be nice if your team worked on the power management supposed not such a drain on the phone

I started 4 weeks ago with using the tags in combination with my iPhone 7 and Applewatch series 6.


Unfortunatly an update of the app messed up the scanning functionality. It was not possile during a round to scan the tags anymore.


After an update of the app. (v 13.27) the scanning functionality was working properly.



I had to use my battery pack, my iPhone battery almost ran out of power.

This is for sure the weakest part of the app.


Will scanning via the Applewatch be new feauture in one of the next releases?

The iPhone is used with Applepay or is this a different kind of technique?

Hi Richard - thanks for letting us know. It would be surprising for Amazon to have shipped the previous version of TAGS since we stopped offering it 9 months ago... but not impossible considering the size of their shipping facility. The best way to check would be to see if the box has the "made for iPhone" designation on the front. Regardless, we have solutions for you. Just need you to send a new support ticket so we can get it resolved quickly for you. 

Frank - what case are you using? Can you provide me a link? I played another round last night, and continued to have the same issues with the screen unlocking in my pocket while on Smart Lock

Hi Carlo - thanks for the update. We do work to fix any bugs that may happen with new updates ASAP. Scanning directly to a watch is definitely on our radar, but not currently possible due to watch manufacturer limits. As soon as it's available, we will work hard to make that feature available to our users.

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