Golf Pad Android Version 14.15 Available

Version 14.15 for Android is now available. This version includes redesign of quick score activity as well as a few minor fixes. The updates to quick score are faster and more intuitive.

Let us know what you think of the new features! As always, if you have any issues after the update, let us know. 

Hi Douglas. Thanks for checking in. We are on firmware version 7. 

Hi Doug. Sorry for the delay. Android 14.11 includes updated firmware for LINK (v7), which has power management fix. This version also fixes entering penalties on the watch, SAGA handicap calculator and a few other performance improvements.

Thank you Cindy, could you tell me what updates and fixes are in this update? I noticed that your Update history stops at Version 4

Hi Cindy, what version are we up to on the link firmware. My version is 6 is this the latest?

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