Big update today! Android and iPhone

14.12 released for Android. This includes the simplified in-app shot tracking and support for picking up the ball.

11.13 released on iPhone

  • Important fixes for startup 
  • Apple Watch updates
  • Additional performance improvements

New features 

  • LINK firmware 7 with ability to track penalties, sand and flag positions directly from the reader. 
  • Custom clubs. Both features were available on Android for a while and are now available for iPhone!

Let us know what you think of the new features! As always, if you have any issues after the update, let us know. 

I've installed the latest release for Android. I was away from my LINK, so today I tried to install the firmware update for it (It was last at 4). I've been unable to connect to the Link from my phone (Nexus 6P). It pairs up, but never connects. Note connecting has always been difficult with my phone and had a unique workaround that fails to work now.

I've got the latest Android operating version for my phone. Bluetooth is on (and not paired from the phone's bluetooth settings), GPS location is on. LINK is fully charged.

Restarted my phone, and Reset LINK.

Still cannot manage to connect to LINK.

Walter - thanks for reaching out. When you say "it pairs up but never connects" what exactly are you referring to? Are you trying to complete the firmware update and it's not completing? Is it not connecting to GPS? If you can send a screenshot, that may be helpful. Probably best for us to work this out via support (rather than the forum). Create a ticket by emailing and we'll get it sorted out.

OK - I'll create a ticket quoting this thread.

2 days ago I used Golf Pad Link with no issues at all. Today however I was unable to get the Link reader and phone to pair. The message on the phone was "Link connection Connecting... Please make sure your Link reader is powered ON and located near the phone". Under settings in orange print "Link is not connected"
My Note 8 phone tells me "Golf Pad background smartwatch sync is enabled" so I can record a shot, putt, penalty etc from the watch but I am unable to scan my clubs using the Golf Link reader. I wonder if this is an issue with the latest update as Link was perfectly normal 2 days ago.


Geoffrey - are you still having this issue? Have you tried "pair a new device"? Make sure you tap the reader "name" to get it to pair. Let us know if you are having trouble and we'll look into it further. 

Cindy - the pairing process you describe (pair new device, then select the reader 'name' from the dialogue box ) never connects my phone to the reader, even before the last update.

My workaround that was effective before the last update (that no longer works) was to immediately cancel that process, then hit the 'CONNECT' button (which looks like it starts the same process), and my phone would immediately connect to the reader. I know - sounds unusual, but it worked.

This workaround is no longer effective as I described in my support ticket.


I'm checking with the team on this Walter. 

For those having issues pairing after this latest update, please reset LINK, restart your phone. If does not help, report problem and open ticket for us to investigate.

To report the problem form the app, Open Golf Pad settings / Help / Question or problem / Contact via email. (or just open menu and select Report a problem if there's an active round). 

We appreciate your help and we'll get it resolved ASAP. 


Neither "Pair new device" nor "Connect" resolved my issue. Link reader & phone refused to pair. Then I received your follow up suggestion to "Reset Link" which is a feature I had forgotten existed. The phone and Link have successfully paired again. I have tested this several times over 2 days and each time paired OK.
Thanks again for your assistance, Golf Pad support is excellent.


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