Android v 14.11 Available (Important FW udpate)

Android 14.11 is now available. This includes updated firmware for LINK (v7), which has power management fix. This version also fixes entering penalties on the watch, SAGA handicap calculator and a few other performance improvements.

As always, please let us know if you have comments or questions about the update.

Hi Terry - Go to the Google Play store on your phone. Search Golf Pad GPS and the update should show there. To confirm which version you have, go to the Golf Pad app, settings, scroll to the bottom. 

I can confirm that 14.11 has fixed the problem with logging penalties on the watch. Thanks!!

How can I download 14.11?

Hi Terry - thanks for your input. We are releasing the fix for this issue today. :) 

I hate the new update. I know how many strokes I'm over or under par. I want the hole highlights again, circles and squares. What is the new numbers next to scores in ( ) ?
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