New Android v.14.5.3 Available (bug fixes for autoadvance)

We just released the new Android version of the Golf Pad app, which should fix some issues with the new, enhanced auto-advance feature. 

The new auto-advance algorithm uses artificial intelligence system backed by Google's TensorFlow framework to pick the right hole for recorded shots. You should see improved hole assignment when using Golf Pad LINK or TAGS. Choose between new and old algorithm in settings / auto-advance. 

This is a big feature update and we need everyone's feedback. If you see any issues, have questions or comments, lets us know.

Just got the update pushed to me last night. Will be golfing this Sunday (weather permitting) to try it out.

Thanks for the notification.

Tried it today and the auto advance was really poor. Played first 9 holes over a 9+9 hole course (same 9 holes), and the auto a. totally messed it up. Don't exactly remember the sequence but it switched between front and back nine... 1, 11, 12, 4, 14 and so on. I have disabled it now, but perhaps you should consider a possibility to disable it during the round until it works.

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Played Tuesday with re-downloaded 14.5 and the hole advance did not work. Played yesterday (Friday 15/9) on a course I have never played before and the hole advance worked 100% : checked version on my phone afterwards and found it was 14.5.3 so my earlier problems of hole advance and putts not being registered have been solved with the update. Many thanks.

We recently released an update to the fixed auto advance feature: Android version 14.5.3. - which is available now. 

I played last night with the 14.5.3, and the auto advance did work, and it registered putts.
The issue I had was the same as Jens O. from above, however.  I only played 9, but have to pick 18 when starting a round.  I just picked the same 9 twice, but then noted that certain holes would register for the back nine, and others for the front nine.  
I do not remember the exact sequence, but I do remember that 1 and 2 registered on the front, and 7/8/9 definitely registered as the back nine using auto advance, and I was constantly moving strokes from one hole to another.

It did get the hole correct, but messed up front/back at seemingly random times.

when I use the pad's on my cell phone it locks up the phone   I have to reboot it get it to work.  very unhappy with it

Ronald Willoughby

Ronald - what cell phone are you using and what level of software is on that cell phone and what version of Golf Pad are you on?

I am using a galaxy s9+ and model #sm-g965u1 and hardware is rev1.1

I down loaded the latest golf pad  Ron

OK - so if you have the latest download of the app, you should be on 14.40 - this thread is for the release of 14.5.3 that happened 2 years ago. I am afraid your problem might not get seen in this thread. You should start a new Support Ticket with your specific problem so it will be picked up by the proper team.

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