Yes, you can scan TAGS with your Flip phone! We tested the phone extensively and it works great! Note, the NFC antenna is located towards the bottom of the back side of the phone, so you should scan TAGS at this spot. Be sure to follow the TAGS setup steps like with any Android phone.

Can I scan tags while the Flip phone is closed?

If you have secure lock set up on the phone (like PIN, pattern, fingerprint, etc.), the scanning only works while the phone is open. When you close the phone, the system turns off NFC antenna and you will not be able to scan the tags. 

If you do not use secure lock, you can scan the tags even when the phone is closed (folded). DO NOT pin the Golf Pad app in this case - there is a known problem with Flip causing NFC to stop working if an app is pinned and the phone is closed. 

Will the battery last for the entire round while using TAGS? 

Yes, in our tests you can play a full 18-hole round with plenty of battery to spare. If you notice faster than usual battery drain, use these tips to improve battery life: How can I improve battery life while playing a round?