Everything about Golf Pad is designed to help you on the course. Here's an overview of the most useful map features.

Aerial maps


Visiting a course for the first time? The map view will be helpful.


Aerial map view and flyovers allow you to see a birds-eye view, take note of hazards and distances. After starting a round, choose the map icon in the upper right. 


You’ll instantly see the aerial view of the course.

Map navigation

Use your fingers to move the map. Pinch to pan out. Slide two finders down the screen to change the perspective of the map. You can even rotate the map!


Once you are in the map view, select “fly” in the lower middle of the screen to view a flyover of the hole you’re currently on. 

Measure distance to any point

Want to accurately measure distances to hazards? It's easy with Golf Pad. 

A simple tap from map view allows you to measure the distance from your location to any point on the map. With Golf Pad Premium, you’ll also see club recommendations based on your club averages.

Layup points

Choose up to 3 targets at your favorite shot distances. Here’s step-by-step directions. Golf Pad will put the targets in the middle of the fairway, automatically calculate your distance to layups and give club recommendations. 

(Available with Golf Pad Premium)

Elevation profile

Golf Pad shows elevation profiles from tee to green, as well as elevation change from your location to the middle of the green. To turn this feature on, select the menu icon from the start screen, then choose which settings you’d like to display on the map view. 

(Available with Golf Pad Premium)

NOTE: If you are having trouble finding a course, click here.