Here are the steps to select or add a tee for a specific player:

First, start a round and select your course. Then, Tap next to the player who's tee you want to set or edit. 

Next, tap the '+' symbol.

Finally, enter the tee details and click save. 

Once a tee has been added, you can edit or select a tee using the same steps.

You've started a round and discover a tee is missing from the course. Here are the steps to add or edit a tee:

First, select the settings icon in the upper left. Then choose 'course incorrect'. 

You may see a dialog box pop up that asks about specific course edits. Since we are adding a tee,  just tap 'cancel'. You'll see a screen like the one below. Tap the 'tees' box.

On the next screen choose the tee you want to edit or select the '+' symbol to add a new tee. 

Then, enter the tee settings. Tap save and you're done! 

Rating and slope for 9-hole courses

When entering rating and slope for a 9-hole course, be sure to use the value provided by the course, usually found on the scorecard. If the course only provides rating and slope for 18-hole play, divide the rating by two, but use the full slope.