Custom clubs is a new Golf Pad Premium feature that allows you to compare performance of two different clubs and more. 

This article will help you learn how to use custom clubs and how to add or remove clubs from your bag. 

The new feature allows you to add detailed descriptions of each club. Make, model, shaft type, grip and more. You can even add two different drivers to track and compare the statistics separately. We're pretty excited about this and users are too! 

Here's how to use start using custom club settings:

Note: Your screen may look slightly different if you are using an iPhone.

First, make sure you have the most recent version of the app. 

Next, select the settings icon from the start screen. 

Select Clubs on the next screen. 

You'll see a screen like the one below. To edit the details of any given club, select it from this menu. Use the drop down menu to add the club make, club model. This is the same screen you would use to remove a club from your bag. 

NOTE: If your club is not in the list, you can just type in the club's make and model. When you are done, tap the check mark in the upper right. 

select club.png   
    set club details.png

If you have clubs not included in the list, you can easily add them here. Tap the "+" icon in the lower right. 

Select the type of club you want to add. After you've selected your club, tap the check-mark in the upper right. 

Repeat this step to add as many clubs as you need. Once you've added a club type to your bag, use the same steps as above to set the make, model and additional details of each club.