General troubleshooting

First, check if GPS access is enabled in phone settings. If it is enabled, but you still do not get GPS signal, check if other apps on the phone see GPS. For example, you can use this test app on Android phone: GPS Status. If other apps don't have GPS access either while you are outdoors with a clear view of the sky, you may want to check with your phone manufacturer support. There may be a hardware or system problem.

Android 8.0 (Oreo):

If GPS does not work consistently after Android 8.0 upgrade, please follow the workaround steps below:

  • Open Golf Pad settings
  • Select 'Smartwatch sync'
  • Enable 'Force Golf Pad to stay active in background' under 'Additional settings'
  • Restart the phone

We are working on a permanent solution and it will be available in a future app update.


If you experience GPS problems in other apps (Apple Maps, Google Maps), there may be the hardware issue described here -

Temporary workaround is to turn off bluetooth.

Permanent solution is to change the antenna cable.