Here is a step-by-step tutorial of how to use the Shot Tracking (plus location) feature on your phone.

We are going to take you through a virtual hole and show you each step in the process.

The first step to tracking your shots for a hole is to press the shot+location tracking button (highlighted below) before you hit your tee shot.

The position of your tee shot is now recorded, you should make your swing and walk to where your ball lands. Once you are at your ball, repeat the tracking process by pressing the shot+location tracking button again. You will see a screen similar to the one below, the distance of your tee shot (circled) will be shown and the beginning point of your second shot has been locked in. You are now ready to make your second swing on this hole.

Once you have walked up to where your second shot has landed and repeated the process for shot+location tracking you should see a screen that shows 3 shots have been totaled for your score so far on the hole and is displaying your previous shot distance.

This example hole is a par 5 so our next shot will be a putt from the green. There are two ways to record your putting when you are using shot+location tracking, the first is to continue the same tracking process you have used for the previous shots and to set the club used as 'putter' at the completion of the hole. You can also use the '+putt' button (circled below). This will record that the next strokes added are indeed putts but the location will be automatically set to the center of the green so there will be no distance data for these putts. To include distance data for your putts continue with the same shot+location tracking method.

Repeat the same putt recording process you used for your previous putt until you get the ball in the hole. For this example hole we recorded two putts so our completed hole looks like this.

Setting the clubs used once you have completed a hole

In order to set the clubs used for each shot, tap on the blue score box to bring up the shot list screen(below), you will see each of the shots made for the previous hole and the distances associated with them. 

As you can see in the picture above, each shot prompts you to 'Set club'. When you select a shot to set the club you will see the screen below that contains the clubs you currently have 'In Your Bag'. 

Once you have selected a club, it will be highlighted in blue, select the 'Next Shot' button in the bottom right corner and repeat this process for each shot from the hole.

If you make a mistake while tracking your shots, you can edit your round using the steps here