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Club Selection - Smartwatches

I know a similar request was opened a long time ago, but after my experience with Golf Pad TAGS, I want to raise it again:

The ability to select the club used directly on the watch !!

Since my personal experience with TAGS has been disappointing, due the the somewhat hit and miss nature of getting the TAGS to be read by the phone. (Worst on a HTC 10, somewhat better on a Galaxy S7), I'm convinced it would be much more convenient, to make a club selection on the watch immediately after a shot has been added.

I'm using a Gear S3 and I've seen a verty elegant solution implemented by Taylor Made on their MyRoundPro app. Something similiar from GolfPad would make a world class app even more valuable.

This could be a separately sold feature, so it would not dilute the revenue stream from TAGS.  



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Second this. Also commented on the first post. I have the link reader and tags and every other thing you sell. Please just give us this feature, if for nothing else just to shut us up. Such a basic feature and an obvious upsell opportunity. It's basically already possible to do this anyway, just mark the shots on the watch and then update the clubs at the end of the hole on the phone. Tight arses will be doing this anyway. Why make it any harder for us to it needs to be?
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