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Almost perfect

I love the Golfpad app and feel like the idea and execution almost makes this the perfect system for stat tracking as a Magellan smartwatch user. Only two things missing which I feel should be doable is to be able to set pin location from the watch and for the gps system to identify the bunkers without having to manually edit. Please please please is there a way to have the option to set pin location from my watch??? Please.

Leo - we do strive for perfection! :) Thanks for your suggestions. We will pass this to the team. Have you seen Golf Pad LINK yet? We are releasing a feature soon where you can mark the pin location using the wireless reader - without a phone.

Cindy. thanks for the reply.  I totally get the Golf Pad Link promo but I would really hate to remember to go through the process of tagging my clubs.  Also, would like to save the $230 since I already paid for a smart watch and the premium service with Golf Pad.  I am not a programmer but I do think that adding an easier way to mark the above mentioned pin placement should be something that can get done.  Not saying this is the case, but it would suck if this feature is missing in order for better sales of the Link/Tag systems.  Thanks again for the quick response. Have a great day! 

Leo - I understand. As you've probably seen, we are constantly improving the features available in Golf Pad. It's the heart of our business. Our team carefully evaluates all suggestions. Thanks again for chiming in. 

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