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Magellan Echo vs. Pebble

I'm considering getting a smart watch to use with Golf Pad, and I'm wondering if there's any compelling reason to get the Magellan Echo over the Pebble (or vice-versa).  I'm really only looking to use it with Golf Pad, so that's what I'm most concerned with.


I would not get either of those. I had an echo. Had it replaced under warranty due to continual locking up. Started again a few months after warranty expired. Found out Magellan is no longer making. All you are buying is old inventory or refurbished. Did research and bought a Pebble. It has been great, but Pebble has gone out of business. Fitbit bought Pebble rights, but golf-pad will not support Fitbit. Right now I don't know what I'll buy if, when my Pebble dies.

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Philip - Thanks for the info, especially about the Echo.  Amazon has such good deals on the Pebble, it may still be worth taking a shot with it.

I hope the price is good. My Pebble is only supported by Fitbit until the end of 2017, and then I'm holding my breath. 

Fitbit has also been having big problems with their latest smartwatch release, delayed since fall. 

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