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Smart watch recommendation

Hi there, Looking to use this app in conjunction with a smart watch. I don't have one at the minute so was wondering if there's any that stand out. I'm on android so it would need to be that. Currently have an LG and may change to a Samsung but thinking it might be better not to try and match the watch to the phone in case I change in the future. What's the pebble like or any others?

Hi James, not an expert but I use both the Pebble and I have a Samsung Gear 2, LG G and Sony Smart Watch 3. They all work very well with Golf Pad and allow you to get accurate distances and add shots, penalties, etc. I tend to use the Pebble the most for it's ability to work the best in direct sunlight, and since the battery last for several days I never worry about running out of battery power while playing multiple rounds. The Sony is pretty good in sunlight since it to has translucent screen, it's just that I don't get a full 36 holes out of it when I do multiple rounds or have rounds that might run 5 or 6 hours. ie. Tournaments. The Samsung and LG G I don't use that much anymore since they are both pretty hard to see in bright sunlight. Hope that helps....


That's great, I'm looking at getting hold of a pebble so that's good. Any particular model, I've been looking at the pebble time.
Actually it really doesn't matter which model you get since they all use ePaper and that in itself will give you great ability to read in bright sunlight and of course I believe they all will give you multiple days of actual service in between charges. I personally use the classic since I only use it for golf, color or looks didn't really matter to me. When I am going out on the town or dressed to impress I use my Samsung Gear S with it's Amoled display, etc.


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