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Adding a course by playing uncharted?

 I want to go golfing to Ireland this summer and noticed some courses are not listet. Therefore I wanted to add one today. But there are no (good) Satellitepictures from this course. So I had the idea to map the course playing it.

When I play a mapped course I can eddit coursename, teeposition and so on.

When I play unchartet the "Changing menue" is not available.

Is it possible to open the changing menue also playing unchartet? The saved informationen could be used to update the databes the same way as additing a listed course.

An other possibilty is to offer a menue in the app: adding a course

If there were 4 small buttons on the normal scorecard-screen for tee, front, middle, back of green to mark the position the course mapping would be done without any noticeable extratime. When pressing the tee-button a popup can appaer to choose teecolour, so I can mark several tees for a hole.

After finishing the round is enough time to fill in the required information as par, hcp etc.

I would like this feature

even because the course I play tomorrow is not listed (I still added but not updated yet)

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