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Watch instructions

 I've searched but can't find a set of instructions for just the watch apps.  Please explain exactly how to track a shot with the watch.

It appears i hit the track button at the end of the shot, but I don't understand how the gps knows where my tee shot began.  is this correct?

Step by step instructions would be helpful, but i can't find them.

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When I ready to start a round I am not sure if I am suppose to scan my shot on the tee blocks or when I get to the ball ? Can someone clarify what the process is , so I don't look like a a idiot when I on the course.

You should track your shot each time when you set up to hit the ball. This starts on the tee box and goes throughout the hole including putts. Each time you hit the ball you should track a shot.

Do you have to tap the Golf Pad to the phone or watch to track?  I just got the Android Wear watch (Sony SWR50) and I could not figure out how to track using just watch and not phone???

Agree....step-by-step instructions would be appreciated.


Are you using Golf Tags to track your shots? Or trying to use the buttons on the watch?

I am using the golf tags attached to my clubs to track.  By tapping tag to a phone (Google Nexus 5x) I can track shots.  However, tapping to watch (Sony Smartwatch 3 SWR50) did not appear to track shots.  The whole purpose for buying the watch was to use it to track shots with Golf Pad.  I found tapping to the phone to be inconvenient and distracting. Golf Pads without a separate tracker other than my phone is a disappointing product.  Also, 18 holes completely drains my phone when tracking and I had hoped that using the watch would avoid the strain on the phone battery.


Thank you for clarifying. Unfortunately, there is currently not a smartwatch on the market that incorporates NFC technology in a way that would allow us to scan the tags with the watch. Tracking with watches can be done with either the buttons or the touchscreen depending on the watch model. To use Golf Tags the only option currently is to scan them to your phone. But there is some good news, a couple weeks ago we announced our new Golf Pad Link which will be a separate reader device equipped with its own GPS. This will allow users to keep their phone is the cart or bag, therefore conserving battery, while still tracking their rounds. We expect Link to be available in April, you can find more info at

I like the idea of the your new product "Link" because I've got a huge phone (Nexus 6) and I don't like to have anything in my pockets when I'm golfing. but I've gotten used to having my phone in my back pocket. It just looks kind of funny when I hold the end of the club to my rear end before I take a swing.

And then I have my Android Wear watch where I enter in my putts.

The app for the watch is kind of annoying though, it won't let me see notifications or anything other then the distance and club suggestions. 

Other then that I think the app is top notch, I have paid for 3 apps in my life and this is one of them, but I did get the app through the purchase of the golf tag system. I do wish that the tags were made better, I've had one break and lost the one off my putter and my sand wedge, mostly because they are my most used clubs. The rest of them I super-glued them onto the grips so I  wouldn't loose anymore

I have overcome the problem of keeping the normal large phone in the pocket and the problem with battery drain.

I have a Blackberry Priv and is a bit bulky in the pocket and I don't want to risk breaking it etc so it stays in my bag. I have an older Sony Xperia which I use as the phone tracking device. Loaded with GolfPadGPS and NFC enabled I can down load the course I wish to play using a Wi-Fi signal. I then go to map mode and go through each hole getting a complete map of the course.

I have found that when the phone is in the side pocket it takes an accurate tap to get the phone to respond to the golf tag. Also I have noticed false triggering if the golf tag on the club is accidentally brought to close to the phone. 

Solution. I have the small Sony Xperia in my pocket with the screen facing away from my body. No more false triggering. Then when on the tee, I take the small phone from my pocket whilst looking down the tee, tap the top of the golf tag and return the phone ready to take the shot. Same when on the fairway. Not on the green or fringe when putting; I use my watch to register the putt.

I have found this works well. After the game the score can be uploaded via Wi-Fi. No sim card required.

GolfPadGPS is by far the best tracker on the market.

When I first purchased the golf tags I too had incidents where the top of the golf tag came off through poor gluing. Usually ending up at the bottom of the golf bag. Super glue has solved the problem but I would have thought the quality of the tags would be better considering the price.

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