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Edit rounds on website

 I haven't found the feature if it exists but I would like to be able to edit gps location, club used, and strokes from the website like I can with the app.

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This would definitely be helpful.  Much quicker editing on large monitor with mouse and keyboard.  Also ability to choose which shoots to count on website like on app.

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Yes.I agree.

I agree!

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Still waiting I guess.

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Wish these forums were updated more frequently.   This would be a huge help.

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 Editing rounds via the website is definitely an option missing with Golf Pad GPS. After a round,  trying to make adjustments to that round from a cellphone is just way to tedious and takes so much time. Using a tablet or computer and mouse makes editing a round so much easier.

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Does anyone also know if I can combine 2 nines together.  I played them the same day, but saved the first nine before starting the back nine.  (Long Story).

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 Has anyone answered this post? Is there another post with the same request? This is a feature we could really use!


This is a feature that we are hoping to be able to add in the future. The web interface is undergoing some changes currently and this is definitely a feature that we want eventually.

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Love the idea about editing website On the computer

Please add this feature; it would make using your App so much better.

Any news on this???

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Plus one here.

Two items that seem to be lagging any meaningful improvement.  One, can't understand why no progress on being able to edit from website and not just on phone.  Way easier to make edits on a laptop or desktop than a 5" or 6" phone.  Second, signed up for Link priority notifications several months ago and NOTHING.  If it is not ready for market, don't post on website.  If both of these were active, I could recommend GolfPad GPS to my is now, I can't.

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